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Advanced Photographic Lighting Techniques

This lighting course is for anyone who desires to learn about seeing lighting photographically and improving their photographic skills regardless of their photographic interest be it portrait, landscape, sports or just for fun. Using studio lighting the student will learn about the characteristics and qualities of light and how to use and modify lighting effectively. Students will learn how to apply the knowledge gained in the studio to seeing light on location and in the natural environment. Students will also learn how to use reflectors, on camera flash, and other tools to improve their photographs in everyday situations. Basic posing concepts, low key lighting, high key lighting, and lighting for individuals, couples and groups will be covered. One evening class may be rescheduled to a weekend session to accommodate an environmental lighting outing. Book fee additional.

PREREQUISITES: Photography I & Photography II.


Studio Equipment: Lighting (Mono-lights & hot lights), soft boxes, umbrellas & parabolic, diffusers, reflectors & gobos, backgrounds, props, clothing choices and set design.

Classic Lighting for Portraiture, Low Key: 1 to 5 lights, key (main) light, fill light, separation (hair) light, background light and accent (kicker) light.

Light Patters for Portraiture: Open loop, closed loop, Rembrandt, and Paramount.

Light Modification and Control: Diffusers, reflectors and gobos.

High-Key Lighting: Key (main) light, fill light, separation (hair) light, background light and use of gels.

Location and Available Light: Diffusers, reflectors, gobos, backgrounds and North window light.

Posing Techniques: Individuals (male/female) and couples and groups.

Applying Studio Lighting Principles to Everyday Photography: Keeping it simple, making the most of what you have (making equipment from items around the house), seeing the light (finding the light at your location) and assessing the quality and direction of the light.

    CEUs: 1.80  Hours: 18.00

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