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Consultative Selling - Certified Sales Professional

Dates: June 24-26, 2019

Meets: M, Tu and W from 8:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Location: IB 127 - Pendleton Campus, IBDC Building

Registration/Tuition: $1,000.00

Consultative Selling:  Certified Sales Professional

Part 1: Course Information

Course Description

Every business needs satisfied customers to be successful.  One in four open job postings requires sales or customer-facing skills.   Consultative Selling is the heart of the sales process.  Sales is not pushing things on people; sales is connecting people’s needs with the products and services of your organization.  Students in Consultative Selling will build and hone the fundamental skills necessary for effective sales and customer support conversations.  Students will learn to build relationships, gain interest, understand needs, present solutions (not pitches), close for true commitment, and handle genuine customer objections.  In the real world, everyone wants to be comfortable with making decisions, and they value the sales or support person who helped them achieve that comfort.  Consultative Selling students will learn the exact same sales skills that have been taught to sales professionals worldwide.  Graduates of Consultative Selling will be highly prepared to get hired and perform well in sales careers.


Part 2: Student Learning Outcomes

·         Utilize the types of Rapport and the techniques needed to successfully build relationships with customers.

·         Develop strategies for gaining and holding the attention of customers through creating interest approaches.

·         Define the steps in asking the right questions to understand the customers long-term and short-term goals and expectations.

·         Employ methods for presenting solutions that include products and services offered to meet the needs of the customer.

·         Practice the closing techniques that matches the Features and Advantages the customer is looking for and get their Reaction to your presentation.

·         Apply methods used for handling objections and be able to apply each method to resolve concerns.

·         Demonstrate the 6 steps in a planned sales call.

You will meet the objectives listed above through a combination of the following activities in this course:

·         Complete all course assignments, pass all tests with a 70% or above accuracy and meet with instructor to demonstrate the mastery of the Consultative Sales concepts.

·         Participate in classes, discussions and build relationships with fellow students and instructor.

Part 3: Topic Outline

·         Introduction to Consultative Selling, Build Rapport, and Create Interest

o   Introduction to Consultative Selling provides an overview of each of the eight courses and a very real GDA teaching style experience. Take this course and you'll see why audiences world-wide rave about our use of music, videos, and reinforcing quizzes to keep you engaged while growing your skills base.

o   Building Rapport will provide you with techniques for building rapport and a trusting relationship where real profitability begins. Students will learn how to establish that connection with the customer.

o   Creating Interest students will discover how to deliver a message that will make people want to talk with you – and do so in a planned fashion! Students will learn and practice creating all three types of interest-grabbing statements. Each technique is designed to achieve maximum effectiveness. Students will master the techniques and create their own examples.

·         Question for Needs and Present Solutions

o   Questioning for needs will assist students in learning the techniques help determine exactly what customers want, why customers want it, and how customers will make their decision.

o   Presenting the Solution will allow students to make your sales presentation powerful and effective. Through this innovative sales training class, you will learn how to ALIGN THE SPECIFIC FEATURES of your solution AGAINST CUSTOMER NEEDS, articulate THE BENEFITS to the customer and confirm the IMPACT OF THIS SOLUTION on the organization.

·         Closing for Commitment & Handle Objections

o   Closing for Commitment will provide students with techniques and methods to ensure the desired results with customers. 

o   Handling objections will allow students to learn how to dispel some of our most instinctive buying reactions and discover that there are numerous different types of objections. Students will define each type of objection and identify the technique for handling those objections while developing an individual preferred selling style.

·         The Logical Selling Process, Case Study, and Final Exam

o   The Logical Selling Process explains the consultative sales process from the first point of contact to closing the deal, learn the stages of this process to shorten your sales cycle and close more sales! The Logical Selling Process covers every stage of a well-constructed and successful sales cycle. Students will get a step-by-step road map for prospecting, account management, gain new suggestions for energizing the sales pipeline.

o   Your ultimate success depends on your effectiveness to recognizing effective sales discussion and being able to apply what you’ve learned to your real-world situations on your job every day.  To enable you to make the transition from the class room to the workplace you will experience, you will have the chance to observe people in live selling situations while mystery shopping in your community.   You will write a complete assessment using the skills and techniques you will have learned to describe where you saw successful sales techniques or how you would have recommended improvements.  Your final exam will involve your writing one final assessment of a video or described sales engagement.


!Live Online Webinar required MWF 7:30 pm to 9 pm - - No Class week of July 1-5
Fee: $1,000.00
Clock Hours:45.00

IB 127 - Pendleton Campus, IBDC Building

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06/24/2019Monday8 PM to 5 PM IB 127 - Pendleton Campus, IBDC Building
06/25/2019Tuesday8 PM to 5 PM IB 127 - Pendleton Campus, IBDC Building
06/26/2019Wednesday8 PM to 5 PM IB 127 - Pendleton Campus, IBDC Building



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