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ALC Business Office Support Specialist Interest List

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Business Office Support Specialist (BOSS) Certificate

Designed to help you prepare for employment in today's computerized offices.  Business Office Support/ Administrative professionals are the largest segment of the office workforce! They must know how use Microsoft Office suite of programs (particularly Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and QuickBooks, and have customer service skills.   The administrative support professional plays a skilled role in today's (and tomorrow's) office. Today's skills require excellent customer service skills and use of technology to be able to use integrated computer software applications for organization and scheduling, document preparation, storage, and retrieval, with emphasis on electronic record-keeping.



Business Office Support/ Administrative professionals perform routine clerical and administrative functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, or providing information to callers. Sample of reported job titles: Administrative Assistant, Administrative Associate, Administrative Secretary, Administrative Specialist, Administrative Technician, Clerk Typist, Department Secretary, Office Assistant, Secretary, Staff Assistant. Employment secretarial, clerical, administrative assistants is projected to grow 3% within the next seven years.

Source: Career and wage information provided by Occupational Information Network ( and the Occupational Outlook Handbook (


Program Courses/Topics Include:


Customer Service

There is no better training investment than improving the quality of your customer service. This course prepares customer service professionals with the core skills needed to satisfy their customers — every day! Each customer contact is critical whether you have a call center, a manufacturing organization, a retail store, a service company or a distribution center.  This program features six dynamic modules to help develop and polish core customer service skills: 1) Why Customer Service Matters, 2) What Customers Want, 3) Essential Customer Skills, Part 1, 4) Essential Customer Skills, Part 2, 5) Handling Complaints and Dealing with Angry People, and 6) Customer Service as a Strategic Marketing Tool and Teams.


Microsoft Word 2016:  Comprehensive

Introduces the fundamentals of Word such as entering and editing text in a document, and creating and formatting tables. It continues with the broader practical skills of creating a business document to include building a data sources and performing a mail merge, in addition              to adding graphic effects.               


Microsoft Excel 2016:  Comprehensive

Introduces the fundamentals of Excel, such as entering data into a worksheet and using functions to perform calculations. It continues with broader practical skills of creating a spreadsheet. You’ll learn to apply themes and cell styles to your spreadsheet, as well as create conditional formatting rules.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016:  Comprehensive

Introduces the fundamentals of PowerPoint, such as creating a new presentation, using the Outline and Slide Sorter views, and adding and editing videos and audio in a presentation.  It continues with teaching you how to insert charts, create SmartArt diagrams, edit presentations, and use PowerPoint Viewer.        



QuickBooks 2018:  Comprehensive

This course includes introduces the fundamentals QuickBooks, including working with customers and vendors.  It continues with teaching you important tasks, including performing banking tasks, creating a company file, managing physical inventory, working with balance sheet accounts and budgets, using QuickBooks for payroll, customizing and integrating in QuickBooks, and job costing, creating estimates, and time tracking.


This is the interest list for the Business Office Support Specialist program housed within the Acceleration Learning Center for Office Professionals.

Registration Information:
If you are interested in a course that is full, or there are no available sections of your desired course, please enroll yourself in this Interest Course** or email for more information. You can register either online or via phone. To register online, just click on the applicable link on this page for "Enroll Yourself" or "Enroll Someone Else", and follow the instructions. To register over the phone, please call our Customer Resource Center at 864-646-1700.

**Note: By registering for the Interest Course, you are not guaranteed a seat; payment is required to ensure registration. However, if you register for the Interest List because there are no currently-available sections, you will be notified when another section is available and offered the opportunity to register for that section.


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Interest List registrants are NOT guaranteed a spot in any section of the actual course until payment is received. If you registered for the Interest List because no course sections are currently available, we will contact you when a section is available.

Financial Assistance: If you would like to discuss possible financial assistance to help pay for the course, please contact our Customer Resource Center (864-646-1700 or or attend one of our monthly Open House sessions. The Open House schedule can be found at or by contacting our Customer Resource Center ( or 864-646-1700).

To pay by credit card, debit card, or electronic check: To better protect your financial information, debit and credit card payments will not only be accepted online (not over the phone) and will be subject to a non-refundable service charge of 2.75%. To avoid this service charge, you may also choose to pay online with an electronic check (direct bank draft) from your checking or savings account. Please call 864-646-1700 when you are ready to make payment. Our Customer Resource Center staff will let you know the dates of available sections, register you in the available section of your choice, and give you online payment instructions at that time. If you do not make electronic payment within 24 hours, you may be removed from the class and placed back on the Interest List.

To pay by check: Please mail checks to Tri-County Technical College, Corporate & Community Education Division, P.O. Box 587, Pendleton, SC 29670. Checks should be made out to TRI-COUNTY TECHNICAL COLLEGE and must contain the student name(s) and the course name(s). Upon receipt of your check, our Customer Resource Center staff will contact you to let you know the dates of available sections and will register you in the section of your choice at that time.
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