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Truck Driving Class "B" Interest List

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By clicking ENROLL YOURSELF, you put yourself onto a list that shows you are interested in taking a CDL Truck Driving course. 

DESCRIPTION: The first 50 hours of training includes instruction on tractor-trailer operations and regulations. Topics include: United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and State regulations, operations in truck transportation, map reading, logbook management, and other pertinent subjects that relate to the safety and legal operations of tractor-trailers. NOTE: Tri-County Technical College does not guarantee that a person will become licensed (CDL) at the conclusion of this course. In the driving phase, you will become familiar with tractor-trailer components and CDL pre-trip inspections. You will also learn the proper procedures for coupling/uncoupling; sliding fifth wheels and trailer tandems; adjusting brakes; using a clutch brake; shifting; and backing. You will then progress to secondary roads; practicing correct upshifting and downshifting techniques; engine RPM management; starts; stops; lane control; and turns. As your proficiency develops, you will move on to primary and interstate roads.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years of age, must be able to read and write at a minimum of 8th grade level, must have a good driving record, and must be able to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and drug screen test.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: You must complete the required number of hours, meet the attendance requrements, receive a satisfactory grade, and have no outstanding financial or other obligations to the College.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Financial assistance and low-interest, payment-friendly student loans are available for those who qualify. Please contact us at 864-646-1700  for more information.

PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: Recruiters from top trucking companies in our area will com by to visit your class, or they will send information regarding hiring needs. Additionally, you will have access to recruiting information and job applications for most nationwide trucking companies. If you need us, we will assist you in your efforts to find a job. NOTE: Tri-County Technical College does not guarantee employment.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Interest List registrants are NOT guaranteed a spot in any section of the actual course until payment and all prerequisites are received. If you registered for the Interest List because no course sections are currently available, we will contact you when a section is available.

Financial Assistance: If you would like to discuss possible financial assistance to help pay for the course, please contact our Customer Resource Center (864-646-1700 or or attend one of our monthly Open House sessions. The Open House schedule can be found at or by contacting our Customer Resource Center ( or 864-646-1700).

To pay by credit card, debit card, or electronic check: To better protect your financial information, debit and credit card payments will not only be accepted online (not over the phone) and will be subject to a non-refundable service charge of 2.75%. To avoid this service charge, you may also choose to pay online with an electronic check (direct bank draft) from your checking or savings account. Please call 864-646-1700 when you are ready to make payment. Our Customer Resource Center staff will let you know the dates of available sections, register you in the available section of your choice, and give you online payment instructions at that time. If you do not make electronic payment within 24 hours, you may be removed from the class and placed back on the Interest List.

To pay by check: Please mail checks to Tri-County Technical College, Corporate & Community Education Division, P.O. Box 587, Pendleton, SC 29670. Checks should be made out to TRI-COUNTY TECHNICAL COLLEGE and must contain the student name(s) and the course name(s). Upon receipt of your check, our Customer Resource Center staff will contact you to let you know the dates of available sections and will register you in the section of your choice at that time.
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