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Culinary Certificate: Essentials of the Professional Kitchen Interest List

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Essentials of the Professional Kitchen

Culinary Certificate


Follow your passion and get started in a career in culinary arts!


The Essentials of the Professional Kitchen Culinary Certificate Program is designed to equip you with basic skills in culinary arts for the professional kitchen. The program provides instruction in culinary concepts and terminology, kitchen safety and sanitation, equipment usage, basic nutritional guidelines, standard and metric measurements, food costing, and theory and practice in the production of culinary products. Topics emphasize fundamental cooking techniques and preparation methods for hot foods, breakfast items, salads, sandwiches, dressings, breads and pastries.


You’ll learn about the interesting, multifaceted careers available in the restaurant industry. You’ll be taught how restaurants run in both front and back of the house operations. You’ll begin by developing knife skills and progress to learning cooking methods for different foods and gain hands-on experience in a modern up-to-date kitchen. Also, you’ll be certified in sanitation and will develop both individual and team culinary skills through small- and large-scale food production.


Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:                                    

1.       Identify the career ladders and pathways to become a food service professional.

2.       Learn the basic principles and foundations of becoming a professional Chef.

3.       Understand the importance of food handling and sanitation through the serve safe certification program (all students will be tested and certified through this program).

4.       Understand safety procedures and how to use the different equipment types needed during production in a professional service kitchen.

5.       Identify and learn how to prepare a wide variety of food including: proteins, vegetables and fruits, basic baking and pastry arts.

6.       Learn about farm-to-table food practices and how to source locally produced foods.

7.       Learn how to write menus and develop recipes for a professional kitchen.

8.       Understand how to work individually and as a team to produce food in a working environment.

9.       Learn how to apply for and interview for a professional job in the Food Service Industry.



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