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Medical Office Administrative Specialist with Essentials of Billing & Coding

Medical Office Administrative Specialists keep the front office of medical facilities running smoothly.  Administrative Medical Assistants’ roles in those offices will vary depending on the size and function of that office. Administrative Medical Office Specialists help create effective patient flow allowing the practice to operate efficiently, increase revenue, and provide a positive experience for the patient.   The duties of a Medical Office Administrative Specialist may include scheduling appointments, entering demographic and insurance information into practice software, managing patient check-in and check-out, answering phone calls, filing and retrieving paper records, maintaining electronic records, composing correspondence, performing daily financial practices, assigning medical codes and processing insurance claims. In smaller practices, Medical Administrative Assistants are typically generalists that perform all of administrative needs of the office manager, physician, and/or health practitioner. Medical Administrative Assistants in larger practices tend to specialize in one particular area on a day-to-day basis, such as patient intake or insurance billing. 

Upon completion of the Medical Office Administrative Specialist Certificate program, you will be prepared for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) national certification exam offered by National Healthcare Association (NHA).    In order to sit for national certification exams, candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent; therefore, it is recommended you have this before enrolling for this program.

Job outlook for Medical Office Administrative Specialists

Medical Office Administrative Specialists with a diploma or degree can pursue entry-level positions as a medical secretary, receptionist, customer service representative, front office staff, office assistant and more. Working environments include physician’s offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Employment in this field is projected to grow 22 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Program Courses/Topics Include:


Microsoft Office Word 2016, Level I This course will equip you with an overview of Word basics, providing a beginner level foundation of the application.  You’ll be engaged with hands on learning as you apply learned concepts to create relevant, mock work examples such as a brochure, resume table and more.

Medical Terminology – You’ll learn to master medical language and apply this knowledge to real-world contexts. Rather than memorizing medical terms, you’ll learn how to use word parts to build terms, within the context of basic A&P. The updated 7th edition includes a comprehensive list of word parts and additional practice problems targeting spelling, adjective formation, and grasp of basic anatomy and physiology (2 chapters a week).

Medical Administrative Procedures I This course features the following areas:  Professional and Career Responsibilities:   A Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant, the Health Care Environment, and Medicolegal and Ethical Responsibilities.  Interpersonal Communications:  The Art of Communication, Receptionist and the Medical Office Environment, Telephone Procedures, and Appointments. Records Management:  Filing Procedures, Medical Records, and Drug and Prescription Records.


Medical Administrative Procedures II -  This course emphasizes the following areas :   Written Communications:  Process Mail and Electronic Correspondence. Financial Administration:  The Revenue Cycle, Fees, Credit and Collection, Banking, Bookkeeping, Procedure Coding, Diagnostic Coding, and Health Insurance Systems and Claim Submission. Records Management:  Filing Procedures, Medical Records, and Drug and Prescription Records.    Managing the Office:  Office Managerial Responsibilities and Financial Management of the Medical Practice.


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