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Medical Administrative Assistant Program

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Prepare for employment as a certified Medical Administrative Assistant by enrolling in the following eleven classes to complete this certificate (Students that complete this program of study are eligible to challenge the National HealthCareer Association (NHA) National Certification Examination.

To earn this certificate, students will take the following classes :
- KXY 785 Beginning Medical Terminology
- KXY 786 Intermediate Medical Terminology
- KXY 647 Beginning Medical Administrative Assistant
- KXY 648 Intermediate Medical Administrative Assistant
- KXY 649 Beginning a Health Information Technology
- KXY 650 Beginning Health Information Technology
- KXY 651 Beginning Medical Billing and Coding
- KXY 652 Intermediate Medical Billing and Coding
- KXY 653 Beginning Examining Health Claims
- KXY 654 Intermediate Examining Health Claims
- KXY 790 Beginning Medical Keyboarding

Training can begin today! You will arrange your training lab sessions and class schedule to suit your learning style by establishing times that work for you, your job, and your family. (Lab times can be scheduled Monday - Friday.)

Classes are offered in our Office Skills Center. The Office Skills Center, located at the Anderson Campus is a unique learning experience. Instead of taking your classes in a traditional classroom setting with one instructor teaching one course at a time, you will take your classes in a lab setting where you will work on one class at a time independently of other students. You will schedule up to 25 hours of lab work to complete your course. An instructor is assigned to each lab and is available to assist you, as needed. Each class is $195 plus book, if applicable. Certification exam and study guide is an additional charge.

Online Registration is not available for Office Skills courses. To register or for more information, contact Alicia Brown in the Office Skills Center at (864) 260-6737.

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