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Medical Transcription Certificate

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Medical Documentation Specialist Certificate (formerly Medical Transcription)

This QuickJobs program is a WIA-eligible training program.   

Program Description
Designed to help you prepare for employment in a medical office or environment.  Classes are offered in the Acceleration Learning Center for Office Professionals.   The Acceleration Learning Center for Office Professionals, located at Pendleton Campus, is a unique learning experience. Instead of taking your classes in a traditional classroom setting with one instructor teaching one course at a time, you will take your classes in a lab setting where you will work on one class at a time independently with other students. You will schedule your lab work to complete your course.

An instructor-mentor is assigned to each lab and is available to assist you, as needed. In addition, online access allows you to also work from home or work, accelerating the pace of your course/program. You may take individual courses (provided the prerequisite requirements are met) or you may take a series of specific courses to complete a number of various certificate programs. In addition, national certification opportunities are available.
Training can begin today! You will arrange your training lab sessions and class schedule to suit your learning style by establishing times that work for you, your job, and your family.

Courses Include:

  • Beginning Medical Keyboarding
  • Intermediate Medical Keyboarding
  • Beginning Medical Terminology
  • Intermediate Medical Terminology
  • Beginning Medical Transcription
  • Intermediate Medical Transcription

Entry Requirements/What to Expect
Depending on the skill level of the student - Working knowledge of computers, Keyboarding (Beginning and Intermediate), and Windows (Beginning and Intermediate).


The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) offers voluntary credentialing exams to individuals who wish to demonstrate job readiness and level-specific competency to prospective employers, clients, and industry colleagues. In offering credentialing exams for medical transcription editors/healthcare documentation specialists, AHDI is protecting the public interest by promoting professional standards, improving the practice of medical transcription, and recognizing those professionals who demonstrate competency through the fulfillment of stated requirements. 

AHDI offers the following voluntary credentials for medical transcription practitioner:

To register or for more information, contact Alicia Brown in the Office Skills Center at (864) 646-1733.

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