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Grant Writing

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This class will assist non-profit representatives, community volunteers, educators, faith-based organizations and others in developing successful grant proposals. Students will learn the basic components of a grant proposal, as well as the steps in proposal development, as they work through the class activities. Specific objectives include:

1. Develop a grant idea.

2. Identify potential funding sources

3. Identify the common elements of a proposal

4. Write an effective problem statement

5. Learn how to link elements of the proposal

6. Develop goals and objectives

7. Develop a project budget

7. Identify at least three possible funding sources for a project idea

8. Learn basic facts about grant making and granting agencies

This class will provide students with the basic skills, confidence and know-how to develop a successful grant proposal.



We have online Grant Writing classes to fit busy schedules.  Please visit our Online Grant Writing classes web page.

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